Gartner Peer Connect Perspectives

How to Calculate the TCO for 
RPA Automation Program

What’s Inside?

To build and scale a successful Intelligent Automation program, you need a full understanding of end-to-end costs and a sustainable approach to managing them. 

Learn from Gartner Peer Connect Members' about their approach to calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) for their organizations' RPA automation program.

  • Calculating the cost of RPA COE as a business capability
  • Quantitative and qualitative measures to calculate TCO
  • Calculating ROI based on manual work
  • Common challenges and solutions
  • Individual learnings from program implementation and management

Peer Connect is a private community in which Gartner clients can exchange insight and advice on their mission-critical priorities.

This content, which provides opinions and points of view expressed by community members, does not represent the views of Gartner; Gartner neither endorses it nor makes any warranties about its accuracy or completeness.

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