RPA is great...
when it works.

But robots break, systems crash, and priorities change. Dedicating people to micromanage robots 24/7 isn't the answer that’s a waste of time and money.    

The RPA Supervisor Intelligent Automation Management Platform is the new and better way to orchestrate and manage robots for greater efficiency and scalability.

Getting robots going is the easy part — keeping them running is another story

Deploying software robots to easily take over repetitive, manual tasks is the irresistible lure of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Much time and deliberation is often spent deciding upon, and testing processes. Both phases are critically important, but they represent less than 20% of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and only a fraction of the full value automation can deliver.

The most time-intensive and costly work comes from keeping robots functioning consistently — as human intervention and remediation is frequently needed. Relying on reactive and manual maintenance leaves automation teams stretched thin and unable to focus on strategic priorities that drive business value.

TCO is eating into profitability and restricting scalability, primarily because too much time and effort is spent manually scheduling, supporting and maintaining robots. 

CoE teams are left frustrated because more time is spent reacting and remediating than automating and accelerating. Stakeholders across the business might be enamored by RPA’s potential — but unable to make a solid business case if the costs of licenses and human oversight don’t quite add up.

But when robots are properly orchestrated for optimal output and the need for constant human oversight eliminated— suddenly you can automate more for less and the business case becomes a lot more sustainable with average TCO reduction of 16-30%.

Static scheduling

Static scheduling is risky business

Off-the-shelf schedulers lack flexibility and fail to comply with agreed upon SLAs, or to meet business expectations when work volume flexes up or down.

With traditional RPA solutions — once work is queued in the scheduler, that’s the order in which it will be completed unless manually overridden. There’s no built-in flexibility — even if a new process is more time-sensitive or should take priority due to critical impact.

RPA Supervisor’s Dynamic Orchestration functionality leverages AI-driven process planning and SLA-based prioritization to replace static scheduling. It’s proven to boost bot capacity and utilization by at least 50% — on average.

Perhaps even more importantly though, SLA-driven orchestration reduces risk and ensures compliance by dynamically assigning work to bots according to priority and resource availability.

Limited visibility derails scalability

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Overseeing a handful of robots may seem feasible in early stages of RPA, but it’s impossible to keep track of every robot's workload as digital workforces scale and complexity increases.

This problem exacerbates as different technologies are layered on, or when teams are using various RPA vendors across the organization.

RPA Supervisor is a software-agnostic integrator that acts as a single pane of glass for organizations to manage and monitor robotic workforces. Our fully-customized dashboards give stakeholders on-demand access to meaningful business insights.

Trust is built within operations teams and all up to the highest levels of leadership. Because seeing is believing — and reliable data enables reliable robots.

Finally, a new and better way to manage robots

Reduce Costs

Increase utilization

Hit every business SLA — guaranteed

Improve resource planning and forecasting

Handle most automation failures without human intervention

Integrate across your entire Intelligent Automation estate for total transparency

The First Intelligent Automation Management System

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Business Driven Orchestration

Dynamic process prioritization and planning based on SLAs

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Automated Workforce Optimization

Automated Workforce Optimization

Less manual intervention and reduced downtime

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Real-Time Business Intelligence

Real-Time Business Intelligence

Total bot visibility with 24/7 monitoring and realtime insights

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Advanced Integration Hub

Advanced Integration Hub

A single pane for multivendor management

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